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Tuesday’s Daily Dropping Domains and July Reaches New Traffic High

DomainShane just had it’s greatest month of traffic in it’s history.  Of course, the history is only 9 months but I have received 26,000 uniques so far this month with a few days left to go.  There were a couple of big days for a few articles but traffic certainly is picking up.  And who would have thunk that people would actually care what I had to say……then again, maybe they still don’t.  Maybe it’s like a traffic accident over here and people are just stopping by to see the carnage.   Either way, on to the names I only know this has value because that’s what my wife does for a living.  She writes these and she gets paid well to do it so it must be a good name.  Maybe I’ll buy it for her for her birthday Long name, amazing results.  A perfect name to use for WhyParks new apps  (1200 searches, $5 CPC) This name even sounds expensive

Sorry but I couldn’t find anything today.  I wish people would start forgetting to renew their domains.  To make up I’ll leave you this short joke

A man goes to his doctor to get his test results back. The doctor says “I have good news and bad news”. The man asks for the good news first. The doctor says “We found out that you had seven days to live.”

“And the bad news?” asks the man.

“I’ve been trying to reach you all week.”

Domain Spotlight:

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