Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Me.cn, AI.cn, LIU.com, BAK.com, More

Jan 23 2015

Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

Lots of love for short domains…..nothing on this list is over 4 characters…..but not alot of love for development, with only three developed sites out of the top 10.

Many .cn domains on the list, from direct acquisitions from the .cn registry.

1. LB.cn for $176,000

  • No site resolves. Owned by 北京金山网络科技有限公司, per Whois.
  • The equivalent .com is used by L Brands, which controls Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, and more.

2. One.cn for $160,640

  • No site resolves, yet there is an Alexa rank near 2.1 million.
  • One.com is a web hosting company.

3. Shop.cn for $160,320

  • No site resolves. Alexa rank near 20 million.
  • The .com is developed as a shopping comparison site.

4. LIU.com for $155,688

  • The domain is parked, and the owner is under privacy protection. Long Island University is on the .edu. Liu is also a popular name, and is an acronym for a myriad of things.

5. ME.cn for $147,200

  • A Chinese language games site. Per Google Translate, “Aite Mi Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, specializes in mobile game development, operations and distribution, to provide users with the perfect mobile interactive entertainment experience.


6. AI.cn for $130,560

  • Appears to be developed into some type of Chinese language search engine? Traffic leader for the week, with an Alexa rank near 1.4 million.


7. BAK.com for $50,100

  • Domain is parked. Owned by Mazhar Komec of Turkey, per Whois.

8. Daum.com for $50,000

  • Owner is under privacy protection, and the domain redirects to XU.com, which is pictured below.


8. Jean.com for $50,000

  • Domain is parked and under privacy protection.

8. Zhao.com for $50,000

  • Domain is parked an under privacy protection. A popular Chinese last name……the 7th most common per Wikipedia.
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