Wednesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 6-13-12

Jun 13 2012

I wanted to start off today’s list with a thank you to the sponsor of this daily list, I was reminded this week of how important they are to the industry while I was buying a domain. I was able to comfortably buy a name for close to $10K from a complete stranger all because of their service. It’s something we shouldn’t take for granted. A hat tip to them for keeping this blog running and for helping us all buy and sell safely. Now on to the today’s names. I was really surprised this thing is still at $12 with no bidders. A lot of people base their activities on their bio clock aka biological clock  Want to invest in China?  Here’s your start. Buy a popular first name  Here you go Acro.  You can make it official AND no bidders  Good acronym or popular African American girls’ name Unless you wrote the book I suggest you save your $1500 and move along Can’t believe all the junk that is going for more than this one. Great outdoor name Not tremendously valuable but I like the sound of this for a brand.  Sounds techy even though the name has nothing to do with tech.  Of course, no bidders  Another that is worth owning  I’m just playing along with this one.  Not sure why it has so many bidders  Again, not sure where people are heading with this one. Don’t get me wrong, not a bad name but its the biggest bid getter on the board  True story.  We had a guy named Jack Knoff at our school. I didn’t realize until the last day of school that his name was really Greg.  He had been called it so long that people didn’t even know that wasn’t his real name.  I imagine that’s why this domain is so popular.  A lot of Indians all over the world so the market to call back home is HUGE.  Looking at all the ads when you search the keyword tells you the value

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