Wednesday’s Daily Domain Auctions and Drops

Mar 30 2011

Another day with average names but again, I do think there are some names you can make some money on. I passed on names like because they just make no sense to me.  Aren’t all fish aquatic?  A joke name at the end but there are people bidding on it so I guess it’s not a joke to everyone.  Let me know if you bid on any of these.  Always curious if anyone takes any of these. All the cloud names have dramatically increased in value.  This one is at $110 and a good value if it stays under $200 Eventually going to be a movie or something. .  I’m giving you “something good” I’ll even be in on this one Bido’s big name ends today. Very nice name but I don’t have enough money to take the chance that Apple will leave me alone 1996 Registration and just a few bids.  You always want a name that defines and this certainly would if you are a hosting company.  If you sell swing set then it would make no sense. Watch out for the WIPO from the Police singer guy.  He’s ruthless.  Just kidding, I think you’re safe Another one of those very flippable 3 characters domains  (another one I don’t get but 53 bidders like too confusing for me) Not sure what “the main” is but I still like it. I feel like when I say it people will pay attention because they will be waiting for me to finish.  They’ll say “the main what? ” This could be an Italian job board. In all seriousness, it get almost 1000 uniques a month

Name found using, of course, DROP DAY

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