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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

It’s sales like these at Afternic that keep people excited about making money in this industry.  I would have predicted hardly any of the prices achieved on this list but I sure am glad they are selling for what they do. Gives us all hope.  Let’s try and find some of our own on today’s list Not a generic but a nice brandable.  Certainly can sell for more than $69.  1999 Birthday Ahhh the sounds of my wife and daughter fighting, having to do laundry and mowing the lawn.  And I wouldn’t change it for the world Wish list and I wish I owned this one. International  ________   League The Z isn’t as nice but then again there’s a reason it’s only at $4K I know.  A bit boring today with all the three letter tlds It would be a lot more fun to have my search engine called InfoBong instead of Google.   With the slogan “You’ll find what you need with one Hit” Not sure what you would do with the development of this one but they are words that everyone would know. Dropday says it gets 1000 visits a day but I can’t confirm it.

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  1. Love the info domain to replace google… only problem is the more you use it the less you really care about the results until finally you just get too hungry and go to the kitchen instead.

  2. Speaking of sales I see you have for sale i thought you had big plans for it?

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