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Thursday’s Daily Domain Auction and Drop Picks

I received a lot of emails yesterday regarding my domains civilunions and puddles being on the Media Options list.  I can answer it fairly simply.  I am looking to make a profit selling these two.  I think civilunions is a VERY important name and I believe all states will either have this or gay marriage in the near future but I realize I am not going to be the one that builds this out and updates it daily.  I might as well sell it to someone that is going to do something with it.  I put them up because I want to sell them.  Here are a few other names that I think you can buy and make a profit. I have a private chef myself.  She cooks for me every night and then does laundry.  Wait that’s my wife.  I guess I don’t have a chef. I guess this one would be good for….hats?  Yeah that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. 2000 Birthday Nice letters.  Better than the three letter dot nets that have been coming across lately I think this is a great buy for $100 I know what you’re thinking.  Karaoke name,  but it’s probably even more valuable as an adult name. 1997 Birthday Realtor is trademarked so be careful. Very popular Polish last name and pretty fun to say out loud Screams start up name.

Want to know how you can tell when someone is not going to sell their domain cheap?  When they use it as their email in the sales pitch.  I like but the owner is in love with it.

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2 Replies to “Thursday’s Daily Domain Auction and Drop Picks”

  1. Shane, you buy names often like most of us. How many (percentage wise) would you say you build out and how many do you buy just to flip. We mostly buy and hold as there are large tax implications when buying and selling short term. If you buy a name today for $10,000 and sell for $20,000 next month via a service like media options, sedo or afternic you’ll end up paying almost 50% of net gain on listing fees and short term cap gains taxes assuming you do things on the up and up rather than looking around for an end user and waiting 12 months after which time the only expense you’d be faced with is long term capital gains and carrying costs. I assume with a name like civil unions the term will only grow more valuable over time as more states adapt to it so why not hold out for more profit and less tax?

    1. WeBuy,

      Very good point on short term vs. long term capital gains. It is something to think about when selling a name. Half of my names are for flipping. I don’t try and sell names on taxes, just like I don’t adjust my trading based on long term vs short term. Civil Unions are “hot” right now with New York’s new laws so I thought I would test the waters. Thanks for the comment. Good advice.

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