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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks: Rookie Edition

Made a decision to actively move some names this month.  You might say “why don’t you actively try and move names every month?” and I’ll merely say.  It takes effort to try and sell names and I don’t make much effort.  I just wait for bids on sedo or email and that’s all.  I’m going to put some up at Sedo auctions or promote them here.  Time for some spring cleaning.  But don’t think I’m not still buying. Take a look at today’s names. One of the better domain names to come through NameJet in a long time. I like it better than Great kids shoe domain.  No bidders because they don’t have the vision that I do We all want it and if your company can provide it then I would think this would be the name to have.  Great name and only 1 bidder This proves the power of forums.  I can’t imagine people sitting around talking about furniture but then again I couldn’t imagine my cat using the toilet but he did. Not a ton of value but I like the name. Very European sounding. Diddy style No bidders for this product domain Maybe not the perfect tld for this but for $69 not a bad deal I think all goes with kids names as long as they end in the “an” sound

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  1. “…I couldn’t imagine my cat using the toilet but he did.”

    I saw this on Shark Tank:

    “Quickly train your kitty to use the toilet with the
    CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit.”

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