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Great. Frank Schilling and the “Big Boys” Are Making More Money But Nothing’s Changed for the Rest of Us

It’s not jealousy, it’s just a fact.  Congratulations to Frank Schilling, Rich Schwartz and Michael Berkens. Glad to hear they are getting the cut of the revenue they deserved all along.  I just wonder what took them so long.  I never understood why all had their own registrars but couldn’t form a parking company that dealt directly with an ad provider. Google was providing parking to thousands of little guys like me and yet domain investors with tens of thousands of domains couldn’t negotiate their own deal with Google?  Well they finally did and not surprising,  it’s better than everyone else’s deal.  As it should be.  So what’s changed for the rest of us?  Nothing, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit on your hands and watch.  You need to get out there and better your situation in your own way. doesn’t effect me one bit.  Unless you count spending more time reading stories of how and what they did.  Just more stories of the “snowball effect”.   To me the snowball effect is the the effect of money making more money.  A snowball that keeps growing and growing. The more money you have, the more leverage, the more risk you can take which allows you to make even more money.  And thus the snowball of cash gets larger. But you too can make your own snowball.

Most likely you’re not going to do it through parking. Parking revenue is going nowhere but down for us common folk.  Our opportunities still lie in site development, SEO, and flipping solid domains.  I don’t have the domains, the contacts, or the money to get any special deals so I had to start with a small snowball.  I think you are being pessimistic to think that you don’t have the opportunities to achieve the same level of success as the three mentioned above. I think you can, but you’re not going to get there the same way as they did.  They built their portfolios in a time that domains could be had much cheaper than they are today.  They had the belief that domains would have more value in the future and had opportunities to attain those domains at far cheaper rates than we can in today’s marketplace.  They developed ways to get domains faster and cheaper than others could.  They believed and took the risk necessary to achieve today’s success.

So where’s your opportunity?   I think our best shot at achieving wealth is site development. Most of us have great keyword domains that have an SEO advantage over other domains.  Domains that rank on the first page of Google for good keywords sell for fantastic money.  It’s no coincidence that my most consistent offers are for my developed, first page of Google, developed sites.  I could sell then for good money but I like the revenue.  I use that revenue to build out other sites that in turn, create more revenue. Money creating money, a snowball.   A snowball that will continue to grow and provide the cash flow, opportunity, and the pathway to great wealth.  So congrats on but I’ve got my own work to do.

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12 Replies to “Great. Frank Schilling and the “Big Boys” Are Making More Money But Nothing’s Changed for the Rest of Us”

  1. Stopped reading your blog for a while……… went of the boil, started banging on like Schwartz so i gave you a miss.

    Don’t know if you caught your nuts in your zipper, but your back!!

    Sharp reading, keep it coming.

    1. @Paul,

      Thanks for coming back. My blog certainly reflects my personality and if I was sour or “on a boil” then that’s where I was, not much I can do about it. I don’t even like to think about my nuts in my zipper.

  2. Building websites/blogs and selling products (may work with affiliate programs) and ads would be better for us. Unfortunately the big boys don’t know how they’d help – ppc domain parking is not going to help the little guys at this time …

  3. The saying is and will always be true:

    The rich get richer and the poor get poorer!

    Rick doesn’t own a registrar from my understanding though.

  4. Couldn’t agree with you more, Shane!

    I come from an SEO background and have started moving into the domain game for exact match domains that I can develop and hold for a passive income, or to flip.

    Thanks for your great tips. Found your blog a few days back and am a big fan.

  5. @Jamie

    I agree. It’s not true at all that opportunities to get richer are available to anyone, they’re available to anyone that can afford them.

  6. Shane, I agree with you on this one.

    It’s not over yet. This is simply the opening salvo. Sure, Schilling is looking out for himself, or trying to create an elite tiered system, I say it’s going to amount to bullshit, because the magic is of the market is finally going to over power all these evil doers; competition is king. I like the forces breaking out from Bing, Google, Schilling, and some other plans I know about, but can’t discuss for now.

    Sit tight, let’s keep doing our work…, if you are listening, don’t forget where you came from, that’s all.

  7. If you want to get rich the opportunity is in ccTLDs of emerging markets. The timing is finally right.

  8. Shane:

    Would be great if Schwartz would actually post a before and after spreadsheet that shows the increase in revenues and traffic.

    It’s easy to yell, “where’s the transparency?” and then set-up your own smoke-screen.

    Notice how the latest posting has comments locked!

  9. As if none of these guys worked to be where they are ? . . . seriously, man up Jamie !
    You’re a hard working guy and smart. That’s a stupid statement.

  10. Most big players have/had direct feeds from Google/Yahoo. The only reason this makes a difference is because Frank has a lot more traffic and is in a better negotiating position with Google relative to almost another domain holder/company. It doesn’t surprise me at all that an individual didn’t pursue building a service company which would only eat up time and perhaps erode his competitive advantage.

  11. Hi Shane,
    I liked your article 🙂
    Good or bad it is good to express oneself.
    I am one of the little players too even though I have some pretty outstanding domains. I approached Frank and he was very kind in taking the time to reply (3 separate times) and explaining in a nice way that although he thought I had some great domains (a took that as a real compliment) his system just cannot deal with domains like mine that do not show enough volume.

    I know in time they will show the volume, but I will need to work on them more for now. Even though I was turned down by Frank, I really did appreciate that he took the time to chat and evaluate my portfolio even on a cursory level.

    My life experience has taught me there truly are no short-cuts or free lunches.
    I previously was part of a little start-up called PLENTYOFFISH.COM as the Marketing Director/Ad Agency but once we were at the point of 1.3 billion page views a month and became #1 in most global markets, the owner had little need for me anymore and used the delete key to remove me. We were only a 2 person team so a digital firing was kind of unnecessary.

    I now own PET.ORG and plan to build that out. But it will likely take me a few more years to get the critical mass I need.

    I am Canadian but born in England, and as a child learned the hard way from my father that no matter how bad of an ass-whopping I received I could always remember “Sure it is tough, but yer not dead yet!”

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