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Wednesday’s Picks of Domains at Auction and Dropping

Started writing my list and was amazed how many good names there were this morning.  Then I figured out I had selected all dates and was looking at the rest of the week.  And of course, not one of them was for today.  At least I pooped out this little list. Presently at $8,000.  Just kidding it’s at $95,000 with no reserve Sounds like a white rapper but would probably be a nice brand as well. Nice name for the grant niche.   They also seem to give it out if you make weapons. Another one I can’t believe doesn’t have a bid on it. It’s better than 99% of the 5Ls that get sent to me.  I would want to own worky as well. 12 year old domain Not real valuable but certainly can remember Again, not much value but great T-Shirt name.  I can see the chicken logo already Hasn’t reached reserve but should For $12 it’s almost as good as VisitLasVegas.  I have for sale $800 if interested. Was going to use it for a vegan strip club site. Not a bad at $249.  Ironically also my coat size (I have a long torso) Only $75 at auction right now.  Good deal if you believe in it.  $75 for a strong 3 letter name supports those that don’t

Domain Spotlight:

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