Frank Schilling Selling, Wants $1MM+

Nov 02 2011

With the housing market still in the tank for most of America, one person is looking to cash in and that person is domainer Frank Schilling.

Announced in a press release yesterday, the domain name is being offered for sale exclusively through Domain Advisors. According to WHOis, the domain is owned by Name Administration Inc, Frank Schilling’s company based in the Cayman Islands. Domain Advisors CEO Tessa Holcomb gives us the scoop.

“On the verge of retirement, Baby Boomers face a down economy, failed pensions, unemployment, and major losses in retirement  savings. In order to sustain the same and well-earned standard of living they are used to millions of Seniors will be turning to a Reverse Mortgage solution in the near future,” said Holcomb. “A category defining domain name like will continue to grow in popularity and demand as more and more Baby Boomers Retire. ”

According to a report on Reverse Mortgage Daily, a lender who spoke with Holcomb recently said that the starting price on the domain is up the upper six figures and they are looking to get around $1.4MM. Some may think that price is a little high but for a domain with 5400 exact Google keyword searches and an estimated PPC of almost $17, not to mention reverse mortgages are becoming more and more popular as people try to stay in their homes, I don’t think $1MM is too far off. It would be a terrific domain for a major mortgage company and there’s no shortage of cash there. ROI is the key and if the domain is put to use in the right way it won’t take a very long time to make the investment back.

I’ll be interested to see what the final sales price goes for, but what do you think? Is $1.4MM too much or on the money here?

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  1. Michael

    I think this name is killer in both singular and plural. Especially in todays times, I agree Shane. Based on the search volume and CPC, $1.4M is a bittttt high in my opinion, no? Again, killer name, but will it produce revenue to support that hefty price tag, I’m not so sure…. Even at a 2-3 yr multiple, I dont know. I feel like since it’s FS, he can up the price because its attached to his name maybe? I certainly wouldnt mind owning It’s only going to go up in search volume and value over the next two years with this market and state of the economy. $1.4M though…..? Ehhh….

  2. Tony would be better. And Even that wouldn’t go for anywhere near $1M.

    If ever goes for $1M, what would Mortgage(s).com go for? A billion?

  3. em

    I think 1.4 mill is a tad high for the plural. The singular has 49500 exact searches. So what would the singular then be worth?

  4. Alan

    The majority of people looking for a reverse mortgage are retired and wouldn’t even know
    how to turn on their grandkids computer, let alone type in reversedmortgages dot com.

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