What I Bought At the .Me Auction and All The Final Sales Prices

May 31 2012

I thought the dot me auction went pretty well for Sedo and the dot Me family today.  There were some pretty good action and the final prices were solid.  I personally found two names that I took home.  Trees.me and Table.me .  I think you can understand why I bought trees.  It’s a great marketing name, even an email name for myself and my business.  I also had to buy table.me at that price.  It was one of the few singular nouns or verbs that stayed below $500. I thought it made a pretty good table reservation name.  Anyone else buy any?  The prices are public and all over the Internet so you don’t worry about telling us anything we don’t already know. Here is a list of all the prices.


cruise.me 28500
air.me 10099
malta.me 8100
legal.me 8100
restaurant.me 6618
files.me 5500
japan.me 5269
oil.me 5000
sydney.me 3109
777.me 2900
magazine.me 2459
singles.me 2350
trucks.me 2213
camera.me 2160
lottery.me 2150
cab.me 1900
florist.me 1650
wireless.me 1610
apartments.me 1550
mall.me 1550
melbourne.me 1509
jokes.me 1450
cricket.me 1400
airlines.me 1301
dates.me 1200
electronics.me 1103
losangeles.me 1100
tool.me 1060
boats.me 1000
graduate.me 995
police.me 949
creditcheck.me 901
truck.me 900
luck.me 900
999.me 875
traveling.me 870
private.me 860
traffic.me 859
wines.me 859
dvd.me 800
debt.me 800
commerce.me 759
contactlenses.me 749
wifi.me 709
body.me 700
venturecapital.me 700
culture.me 695
telephone.me 650
personals.me 650
brisbane.me 609
websitehosting.me 600
karaoke.me 600
444.me 575
sap.me 559
rugby.me 559
blue.me 555
555.me 549
datarecovery.me 510
camp.me 509
adoptions.me 499
cellphones.me 499
mathematics.me 499
searchengine.me 499
tunes.me 499
parents.me 499
steel.me 499
yearbook.me 499
dsl.me 499
ratings.me 499
tours.me 499
celeb.me 499
scientist.me 499
ant.me 499
computers.me 499
sofa.me 499
wrestling.me 499
rap.me 499
can.me 499
computer.me 499
webhost.me 499
houses.me 499
skin.me 499
laptop.me 499
camping.me 499
fall.me 499
airline.me 499
trees.me 499
greeting.me 499
way.me 499
winter.me 499
language.me 499
table.me 499
chatroom.me 499
continue.me 499
medication.me 499
seniors.me 499

Prices courtesy of ElliotsBlog.com

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  1. chris

    I personally stayed away because I think when all these new domain extensions come (and it looks like there will be over 1,000 of them) I see the value of almost all extensions dropping (I think only .com and .org will hold). I hate this additional domain extension plan. It will fragment the internet, cause confusion for consumers, and the only point of it is to put money into the pocket of some ICANN bigwigs.

  2. Ex-domainer

    Me again bustin yo a$$

    .me auction was a miserable failure

    Dictionary words going for 500 bones

    What a joke extension

    Buy 1000 spy shares & 131 sell @ 132. $1k profit with the quickness

    You hold your illiquid .me montenegro bullshit for a couple of years maybe you’ll break even

    At least stick with the .com

  3. BFitz

    If you are an ex domainer why are you reading this blog? You probably follow stocks you sold long ago too. The level of liquid-ness is only relevat to the asset holder. Some of these got above newbie xxx prices, we know the gamble. To me these are like buying art. You need to be happy living with it if you can’t sell it. My kids will love a @777.me email if a strong offer does not come in from a gaming company over the next decade.

  4. Jacek

    There are still some great .com’s out there, PS3microphone.com
    to name a few so I rather focus on .com (sure money). Occasionally I buy great .co’s ( recordingsoftware.co) as I think .co will be no.2 someday. .com’s and .co’s are the only ones I was able to resale

  5. L

    If you look at the money made in .me (real money, not domainer-flipper-forums money), it’s with keywords that intuitively ‘make sense’ when coupled with the word “me”.

    Not ReverseMortgages.me.

    It’s names “meet.me” or “kiss.me” or “love.me” or “find.me”

    This concept is painfully easy to understand.

  6. Mike H

    @ Jacek, if only ‘sure money’ was as easy as registering TM violations and throwing random businesses in front of keywords.

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