Big Friday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-13-12

Jul 13 2012

Let’s start off the day with thanking the sponsor of this post.  Without them this post wouldn’t have a banner at the top.  Seriously, they have made this post worth writing every day.  I’m a little late writing this because I watched the tour de France late.  Those mountains have my legs exhausted and I didn’t even ride it.  Here are today’s names.  A little rough I know but good days, bad days. I sold exact name for $500 or so a few years ago. A steal at $25. I may buy it back For $12 you could do worse than this 13 year old name I bet you get this one for under $250 Weight loss forum?  No bidders, 13 years old, and a real business  Great CVCV that should hit $5K or more.  I’m in on this one. I hope Namejet gets the drop   Nice geo, OK island. I don’t think Texas when I think tropical paradise You could set up a website to check….domain……names. Brilliant  Not the right spelling but most people can’t spell  Could be part of an advertising campaign but doubt someone would make this their primary name  Most people are going to look for “pot” not cannabis but this name have legs over the next few years  I like this more than most on my list. Say it aloud and it rhymes.  Could be a good value buy

Go Daddy Deal of the Week:Get 20% off your order! Offer expires 7/17/12.
If you’d like to have one of your names that has a closing auction feel free to contact me to get it on the list

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  1. Chris

    Hey Shane, thanks for the list.

    What tools do you use to find these domains?
    Curious to how you find them.

    Also do you ever search for free hosted domains with high pr? like for example.

    1. Post author


      I use my own tool and a few others like I haven’t looked for blogger sites but a great idea. Now I will 🙂

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