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Thursday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-12-12

I actually had a Rick Schwartz moment yesterday when looking over my parking stats yesterday. I hand registered a name. Something I hardly every do unless its a plant name. It was making a few dollars a day which I was very happy with but a few weeks ago it started picking up. Its now up to $50 A DAY. I’m not going to say what it is because I can’t share all my ideas but I will say this. Rick is right, every once in a while you can hand reg a name that does well. My $1.99 domain could return $500 or more this month. Not a bad return. Then again, lately everything I’ve touched has done well. Some luck, some patience, a whole lotta trial and error.  This is one of my favorite names in quite a while.  From razors to ceiling fans.  So many uses here  The keywords overcome the tld. Halloween will be a lot more fun for the new owner of this one  This could hit $10K.   My pool service has been terrible this year. But then again, I don’t have a pool. As opposed to fake teak. As a person that sells teak furniture I can tell you that teak isn’t cheap but it lasts forever if you oil it properly Everyone loves cat photos. Here’s your new cat photo blog name. Might get some type in traffic   Info works on names this big  Love it.  French actually aren’t as bad as their reputation…just kidding, most are  Only 4 bidders on this one at this point.  Worth a few hundred IMO  15 year old memorable brandable with no bidders  These kind of phrases can sell for $10K plus. Trust me, I’m an expert  Sure there is a Ford problem here but no bidders and great product name are tempting aren’t they? Yes, the rumors are true. This was preordained to be on my list A whole site of people cleaning up. Sounds booooooooorrrrrrring This will sell cheaper than the LLL.nets over at Namejet just because of the possibility of renewal. Arb possibility  The people that use microfibre are the kind of people that use generics to push their wares but if the price stays low enough I’ll keep it on my radar  Not to be confused with the servants drawers that Kramer had in Seinfeld. On a serious note, server cabinets brings up a TON of ads It’s funny because its got pee in the name Is actually a stock ticker symbol that stands for Appalachian and then some word with all consonants  I don’t do a lot of LLL.nets but they are very liquid and this is my favorite of this  bunch I’m guessing there are so many bidders because its a last name

Don’t forget to use the coupon below. Not because I make money from it but because it will actually save you money. I’ve used it a couple times myself when I couldn’t find codes.

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4 Replies to “Thursday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-12-12”

  1. I had that happen once, except it was $800 to $1200 a day.

    I believe someone did some arbitrage and used the wrong domain and I was the beneficiary.

    It totaled almost $14K before it ended. That was about three years ago.

  2. You think You’d be making $50/day if you were still at some other Parking company other than Frank’s? He should open up another Parking Corp for everyone else!! The small % that do well on that platform can transfer over to the Big Leagues…

  3. That’s awesome. I have yet to have that happen. Lucky you.

    You’re also fortunate to skilled enough at domaining and aquiring names to be an Internet Traffic customer. I’m sure the kick ass domaining blog and connections doesn’t hurt when applying for IT either. ; ) Just saying, beauty of the biz.

    Wish FS would open something up for people with less premium portfolios, but a similar model. Of course keep standards and all, but loosen them up a bit and offer a median level platform if IT is doing so well. The exclusivity of IT is nice and should be kept that way, however, if you found something that REALLY works and is helping people- help ALL- not just the ones who can “afford” it. Then again, we all start somewhere.

    I’ll be an IT client by next year, having been turned down rudely once already, I’m hitting the drops HARD and coming back full swing soon.


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