Domain Spotlight: Sells for $151,000 and Everyone Starts To Dream Again

enhanced-buzz-14156-1265131149-7It’s the kind of sale that we all dream about.  You pickup a name for cheap, an internet sensation builds up with a name similar and then you sell for big bucks.  With ChatRoulette the hottest thing on the Internet it was no surprise that the traffic and value of had skyrocketed but nobody knew it had this value. The DomainMadness 2 auction proved it today with the final price of the CamRoulette auction reaching $151,000. In some ways it’s a better name the ChatRoulette because it’s really is a Cam Roulette.  Then again it’s also a video roulette and that only sold for $5K .   I say ONLY>

I thought $10K was a steal and it could reach $50K if some adult domain money came in but I don’t think anyone saw this coming.  It’s every domainer’s dream, hell it’s everyone’s dream to make this kind of money overnight.  This is a story that just isn’t told very often anymore.  All the good names are taken they say but it goes to prove that Internet trends pop up everyday and those lucky enough to be involved in them or have the right name still have the chance to make hundreds of dollars.  I imagine every $8 hand reg whore is going out there trying to register every roulette type name they can.  There is some history to back up the idea that this is actually a wise move.  Tube domains are still worth 50 times what they were since youtube emerged.

Either way, dreams have been revived and domainers are back out hunting rolling the $8 roulette wheel searching for their big payday

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2 Replies to “ Sells for $151,000 and Everyone Starts To Dream Again”

  1. To test out your hand reg theory I did a quick scan of domains just now and found only the following available:

    Nothing surprising there. However, of the already regged ones, only 1 seems to have been regged in the last 24 hours. That did surprise me.

    I only found 1 available which is vaguely similar to chat / cam / video (scanning, and that was:

    Amazingly few regged in the last 24 hours.

    – Paul

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