Names are Dropping Today and These are the Ones I Think Offer Value

Mar 24 2010

Gotta love the $151K camroulette hit yesterday.  We all hope that our next pickup will be the next camroulette.  I’m a bit more realistic but a man can dream can’t he?  Now here are some names that you may be able to make at least a portion of that Comfrey is an herb that has always been popular with organic medicine.  5500 searches and $9000 valuation.  I’m in to a $1000 but herbs aren’t my thing I like the name but nobody else does.  Certainly worth $20 and can be used for a ton of different uses Maybe you can sell it to the Dogwalkers I hear about all the time $16K valuation and $14.68 CPC .  Big name, big price 2000 searches and $4K valuate.  Not many bids.  Not sure what you’ll do with it but let’s worry about that later Slapshot baby.   Vince will help you with sell millions using this domain 206,000 searches is monstrous and you don’t get much more generic than this

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