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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday July 26th, 2019

Who the hell is buying all these names? I’ve been doing this list for 10 years now and I still have no idea who is buying all this junk at Godaddy that has bids. I know Huge Domains and Mike Mann are big players but even they aren’t buying a lot of these. For instance is at $800. I realize its very old (1996) has a bunch of backlinks and was DMOZ listed. But are the backlinks and traffic really worth $800? There must be people out there that know much more about monetizing these types of things because I see no value in names like this.

How about There are a few backlinks but $140? Again, none of this makes sense. When my wife says ” I understand why some of these names are good but none of those other names make sense to me”. Instead of giving here my acquired knowledge of domains I just say “I have no fucking idea why either” Again, still haven’t figured out if there is a group of investors that much smarter than me and have a business model behind it or I’m the smart one. Probably somewhere in the middle.

Domain of the Day: Heck yeah. The ultimate vegan name has arrived!!!!!!

Quote of the Day: Ability is what you’re capable of doing . Motivation determines what you do . Attitude determines how well you do it. ” -Lou Holtz

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction Ends today. Under $200 and met reserve As long as they think its natural that’s all that matters 21 year old domains. Comics never seem to want to go out of style Its a dot net but a nice, single word, brand

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids I’d definitely eat a Wow burger Here’s another one of the names mentioned above. Although I know this has a ton of .edu backlinks. Evidently they are worth more than $3K Upgrade name for a few companies but most results are for radio stations Means “Has” in Latin. Great for breaking down words but hasn’t served me well in speaking to anyone yet “The speak Spanish” you say. Still 56 million Google results including VRBO and AirBNB for people A popular female Arabic name. Thus the great bids Another one whose price is because of the history and backlinks “Don’t let it get boring” Going to be used for a place called Zax’s a lot of uses here. Converting File types comes to mind first as a business model Nobody cares about .property. This will be used to sell property online Not as good as Vegan Kitchen but another nice Vegan name coming up at Godaddy. Been a ton lately My second favorite Vegan name today Paid by or charge by Sounds Spanish but its not. Just a nice brand Pour has become a popular naming convention for bars that specialize in beer. We have two places with pour in the name I think I’m the only one that sees LightFoot Going to be a pointer. Buy it and point it towards the bath fixtures you sell Sounds like hosting company to me People still buy fonts? short and pronounceable Nice marketing name for a solar company. I can see this on a billboard easily 21 years old. Not sure what the stamp will get you the kind of name that gets bought and then a site is put up where it tricks you into thinking you can watch Game of Thrones but just puts you in an endless loop of ads and “Your Mac is Infected” pages with adobe downloads going off constantly Rabbits it is Brandable that I would think most brand sites would take I would think the Tennis Channel could really use this as a marketing name. Costs relatively nothing as part of an advertising campaign 1999 birthday. The domain and the ramen Under $100 its not a bad legal name

Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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