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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday March 16th, 2020

Yesterday I questioned whether I should buy at auction because I own RemoteCoach. I had quite a few people that said yes. For two reasons. One, to protect the original name so that the person thinking about buying wouldn’t have another choice. Two, to sell it as a more valuable package of names. So I got in the auction.

I put in $1505 as my bid and went away. It got taken out with a few minutes left in the auction and then it went crazy. I assumed the price moving up was a bidding war between two people but it turned out to be a few others jumping in as well. The name went all the way up to $4800. Way higher than I was willing to pay and 15 times higher than I paid for my name. The first thing I did was go to Afternic and move my price way up. Obviously my name was worth much more than I thought. It does get offers all the time but not at that price. Its alway $1K or $2K. Now I have a comp to throw at them. A worse name (in my opinion and Godaddy’s) sold for $4800 at wholesale.

And finally I got into a twitter fight with Rick Schwartz. I saw a hoarding of toilet paper. He said it was for several elderly people. I don’t like the hoarding of toilet paper. Its plentiful and a little goes a long way. I got him really really upset. Called me every name in the book. But nothing I hadn’t heard before. In the end I apologized. This is not the time to be fighting. I need to put my energy into keeping the garden center healthy. Both the people and the long term financials. It’s going to be a tough time for small business. Apple and Nike can close because everyone can still shop online. Tougher for all the businesses that rely on foot traffic. We’ll get through it. Just don’t need to fight along the way

Domain of the Day: I think the value of this went up with result as mentioned above

Quote of the Day:If You Know How Quickly People Forget the Dead, You’ll Stop Living to Impress People” — Christopher Walken Names at Auction or Dropping Best .ly in the last month IMO in flight, afternoon delight Geometric shapes make good tech names Worst Clive Cussler movie ever. His best book RIP Clive I don’t know the dot to extension well but I know hustle. Everyone likes hustle

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Auction 1995 birthday. Registered in 11 different extensions Only one bidder. 24 years old and has some history and backlinks For many this is true. Its what keeps them healthy and sane. 22 years old Is this a big enough market to have its own site Great name to teach the great outdoors. Survival or just a place for kids to have a great time. Registered in 15 extensions. Could be used for a lot of different things. Unfortunately many will think slavery retributions when they see it Guarantee Ammar buys this one. Please click Ammar Has the most registrations in other extensions of all the dot coms on Namejet If the reserve is close to the low range this could sell Listing it again today because its as relevant of a name as has come up for auction in a while. Negative is there’s no money to be made, only awareness

Godaddy Domains With Bids The resiliency of gold is amazing. This name is doing well but gold is probably at the top of a lot of people’s minds I completely agree with this name. May even buy it Two 8s at the front and three zeros at the end is the type of pattern Chinese love. Although not really getting a very good price Britney Spears still dominates the results Top as in best is a good adjective for any brand Boring but a category everyone wants in Annual spark plug membership or smoking club N for network or national. GD value has it in top 20% of Bitcoin has taken a back burner. Become an afterthought and has no role in emergency. But still has users so maybe a good time to buy these types of names. Godaddy still values them as the highest category MotleyFool may have some ideas of what not to do with this name A bit generic but says exactly what they are A terrible chemical but a cool brand. To older people they probably wouldn’t like it Maybe my favorite name on the list as far as value. Great name for fresh foods. My guess is Jason will go after this one Going to take a buildout but could be an important site in the health industry Strong keyword. Perfect for an estimation tool. The dot net is a coupon code Good good name

Another big block of 5N.coms expiring. I alway put a backstory to the reason why and right now I assume its someone that has COVID in China and can’t get home to renew. I have no idea if that’s true or not but possible

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. Does Rick Schwartz not know about bidet attachments? For a few hundred dollars per toilet seat, you can mount one that can spray heated water/air at your bum lessening the need for toilet paper. It’s way more sanitary and healthy then just wiping. It deserves to be on your list of things you use and love like LG OLED TVs and YoutubeTV.

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