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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday March 7th, 2019

You’ve read here over the past year that I’ve tried to be more grateful and giving lately after realizing I wasn’t the person I wanted to be.  I have a customer, now friend, that is from Iraq.  I’ve learned from him that the dialect is very course and comes across harsh but its merely the cadence and tone of the language that is harsh.  Not the people .  Over the years he has been kind and thoughtful and taught me to never judge a person by what they say but what they are try to say.  His English is fine but his culture tends to keep things short and to the point.  His actions have been long and thought out.

So when Kareem talked about his family and said he hadn’t seen his parents in 23 years I asked why.  He said his snow contracts.  He is a one man operation and he had 36 condos he was responsible.  My answer was simple. I got them.  After all he has done for me its the least I can do. He was almost tearful as we rode around and looked at the properties to see what I needed to do.

Kareem is in Iraq and now I pray every single day……..that it doesn’t snow.  The trigger on the plowing in the condos is 3″ and every day it snows I do a dance and say a prayer than it stops at 2.75 so I don’t have 3 hours more of plowing.  We have a storm today that is right at that threshold and I will once again be hoping it stops.  Even if I have to plow I would do it again 1000 times to help but I will never lie and say that I hope I don’t have to.  Here are today’s names. Make sure to click on the names to see the current price and to help DSAD keep on keeping on.

Quote of the Day: Look down at me and you see a fool, Look up at me and you see a god, Look straight at me and you see yourself.” Charles Manson

Domain of the Day:   The kids are going to like to say this one

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction

Portfolio of 25 Domains:  Reserve met on first bid., and more   Do it Yourself people are exactly the ones that need hints and tips. 16 bids at press time  Met reserve at $70.  Big word and still has value in the .net IMO

777.c0   Dot co always surprises me   No reserve.  The title of the book my wife wrote about what happened when I got mud all over the house  Met reserve at $400.  Remember when this was easy $2K before   Everyone needs a in their portfolio Very nice 5L at $90 and met reserve  Might be one of the few worth that price   I hope I’m the only one that likes it

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids  Whether you are or not it sounds official and professional.  That’s why you buy a domain   Very nice  Rave exudes fun even though I would say Rav  X not Rave X   Price above normal for the 200K backlinks and history on top of being an LLL  Surprised this is so low.  We always called the earthy types “Granolas” guess it was just my family   You are.  I promise  I think this would have sold for $5K at peak.  Now, maybe a K   Home, Pest, car.  Basically anything that needs to be checked out  Going to have to watch the trademark on this one.  Chump car switched to this in 2017 without owning the .com.  They may want to with you or through you  Godaddy values it high.  Is a real company on the .io and an upgrade name for a few other companies   It’s Australian for Zelda  Anyone recycle   Upgrade name for dozens of companies  21 years old.  Seems like a good selection of gifts  a lawyer is going to want to own this one  think tank name all the way  by percentages, some of you are interested in this  Marketing name for a clothing company that prides itself on a good fit


Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids  Great letters.  N for Network.  And the word Had Good with no bids   The Brandpa of music  Not quite as good of a scene as Burning Man but much cheaper  Solid name for online education  Cool sounding brand.  No bids  Fun brand.  Although stay away from Angry bird stuff  Not worth a ton but decent capital name  Look how many results this term has.  A ton  Police should buy it  Nice canna name. Grow light, all in the name  Lots of people spell quick this way


 The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. I feel a bit envious because I wish I had friends I could plow for. Family yes, but I don’t have real loving friendships. Being an introvert I cope very well with loneliness, and sociability has not been a priority. My friends have interest that are way too divergent, the only common thing being we went to school together etc. and I’m that flower my extravert friends like to have around to adorn them which I find draining. I would rather have no friends than feign an interest, and too bad other highly introspective individuals are too far inside their head or given up on trying to build a social life. And I am one of them. Not feeling sorry for myself, just me doing an objective self assessment.

    1. Jack,

      There are tons of people that are just like you. My wife always talks about how making and keeping friends is a ton of work and that she’s happy having only a few. Everyone is different. I will
      say that a common interest tends to be what brings friends together. Running or sports has always been mine.

  2. I want to add since it seems relevant to your post, that too many people judge or have unrealistic expectation of others. No one is perfect, they simply can’t be otherwise evolution would be redundant. I can’t see a human being as perfect even in a million years. If we haven’t destroyed ourselves and when we become space travelling creatures we will still have different ways/modes of living, and we need to consider these and be reasonable and accepting and make an effort to be decent to others, even if they do something stupid, within reason, that shouldn’t be enough to write them off.

    If we look in the mirror with open eyes and see our real selves, why are we critical on someone when we have things to work on in ourselves? We’ve all heard that, it just needs to be said another and another and another time until, for some of us, we listen and process it with our intellect, methodically, and then it becomes our truth and we profit from the resulting wisdom, rather it being only an idea or belief that we consider only from time to time as it suits us.

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