SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 21st

Finally Friday.  You’ve noticed that I haven’t written at all this week but this cool weather has them coming out in droves to the nursery (that’s a good thing).  I also have been doing more television and radio so that’s eaten in to the time.  I really hope to write more soon and have a couple things in process but it’s been tough.   I have had a good sales month selling 5 names and have a bunch coming up at auction soon.  I reached out to a person for the first time ever trying to sell a domain and sold it.  I am exactly 100% in my sales letter.  I should probably quit now.   Here are today’s names  This is only going to have more value when they actually have cream that grows hair.  No bidders   The other two letter dot ccs have gone for about $800  Online data storage…enough said $800 domain IMO I guess you could call this pronounceable but most people will think you are just bad at saying “Maps”. 14 years old  A word we use quite a while.  Regular wholesale is things we produce and REWholesale is things we buy in but still give discount.  NO bidders   The LLLs keep coming on Namejet.  Somebody is dumping but I don’t think it really means much. Everyone needs to drum up some cash every once in a while Definitely going to be a southern organization On of the most purchased type of domains are the ones that end with “Online” Not sure why but they do seem to sell. And don’t even get me started at how awesome scrapbookers are. Yeah, dot cc but for the price I still think this isn’t too bad Just proves that you can take any tld and make it worth over $2K with enough back links and page rank  Yeah, there are pro gamers   A lot better name than constant contact  I don’t normally do dot net numbers but this one is a very nice one


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