Flippa – A Look Forward: Anonymity.com, Commuters.com, Sadness.com All Hit Reserve and Will Sell

Oct 12 2014

Reserve Met and Will Sellanonymity

Anonymity.com – Popular term in a world of security breaches, government tracking, social networks, etc. It just hit $10,000, with 4 days to go.

Commuters.com – Ride sharing? TheCommuters.com is used as a band’s website, and BikeCommuters.com is also developed, to name a few.

Sadness.com – BIN of $15k, and current bidding is just over a third of that and the reserve is met. 16 years old, and the owner states 1,000 uniques per month.

Witches.org – This one had been on Flippa previously but didn’t meet reserve……no reserve to worry about this time.

Registration.info – Domain registration, school registration, vehicle registration, event registration…..

Reserve Not Met

Drones.net – Many people predict these will be omnipresent in the future — deliveries, photos, military uses, etc, etc. 60,000 searches per month, per SEMRush.

SAI.com – This was picked up at NameJet earlier this year for $50,100, and the current owner says they’re looking for bids in the low 6-figures……the seller better roll up their sleeves and find end users.

LowCarb.com – The type of diet Lebron James followed this off season.

NutritionBars.com – Comes with the singular. Huge food category. Most do not fit into the category of the domain listed above.

Inches.com – Some want to lose them (diet), some want to gain them (male enhancement).

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