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Flippa – A Look Forward:,,,, all hit reserve

Great to see some high quality domains matched with sellers with reasonable reserves.

Reserve Met and Will Sell – $7,050 and moving higher with under 10 hours to go. NameBio shows it sold for $7,101 in 2011. – $5,250 and moving higher. – $10,600 and two more bids pending as I type this. “A well-known Japanese word “Kawaii” means “lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable” in Japanese and is the essence of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture.” – $6,913 and ending tomorrow morning. This sale will push power-seller Federer over the 1/4 million mark at Flippa. – $3,450 and also ending tomorrow. – $105 at press time – $110 for a single letter domain – $15,100 – a portfolio of 200 domains, including and

Reserve Not Met – This is the second time around at Flippa, I believe. Buyers sometimes gloss over domains that didn’t meet reserve the first time around. At $1,550 now, and the buyer picked it up at Sedo for $8,970 earlier this year (after selling for $11k in 2010). – at $12,501. and both sold for 6-figures. – $425. Man, keyword domains have taken a beating, in part because of the Matt pictured here. – There has been some bidding drama, but the BIN is now set at $161k – $2,500 currently

Shorties – $7,000, and the seller says “The reserve is set to a low and fair price (the highest offer I have received so far).” – $6,200. BIN at $59k, so reserve may be set for an end user. – $4,000. I love first or last name domains. – $250. Watch those TM concerns.

Oddball Mix – $977 – No one wants to join this organization? – $135 – $55

.CO Portfolio of 1 and 2 word domains – $1 and no reserve – $1 – NameBio shows a sale at $929 in 2012, and $9,300 in 2011….which would be a major flop for the seller in 2012.

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4 Replies to “Flippa – A Look Forward:,,,, all hit reserve”

  1. Thanks for the summary. Love these posts. I’ve decided to give Flippa a try myself and i’m testing the waters now with 2 domains. Let’s see how it goes.

    1. Thanks Doron, good luck with the sales. Feel free to drop us a note through the contact form and let us know what the domains are.

  2. Thought sold for 10k on afternic. Maybe a quick resell but on flippa with low reserve.. Odd?

    1. Donny — do you remember where you saw that? I checked NameBio and did a quick Google search, but nothing came up for me.

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