Flippa – A Look Forward: eParis.com, Bagz.com Meet Reserve. NJI.com, Pedal.com, Clix.com, more

Feb 01 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

HostRater.com – Decent name for a web hosting review and lead gen site. Big bucks in the business….CPC of ‘web hosting’ is over $20.

SafeDataStorage.com – The ‘safe’ part should go without saying…..but this domain would allow you to save 6-figures in the domain acquisition price, when compared to DataStorage.com.

eParis.com – A future travel guide? Bidding over $2k, with three days to go.

Finance.fm – big keyword….but the extension doesn’t fit perfectly. Under $1k, and ending today.

Bagz.com – The cool kidbagzs’ way to spell bags. The .co.uk is in use.

Bitcoin.management – If the new G’s and bitcoins are your thing.

Reserve Not Met

NJI.com – I’d be surprised if bidding doesn’t pass $10k. Don’t know what the reserve is. Of course, LLL.com domains are hot.

Workout.info – People love info about new workouts. CPC is higher than I expected, at around $2.00.

iOrganic.com – I’m not an iDomain guy, but plenty of people are, and combine it with the organic movement and you’ve got a 4-figure domain.

Pedal.com – I really like this domain, and the bidding shows that I’m not alone. Could be a biking related name, a site about the general movement towards human-powered transportation, or a totally unrelated brandable domain.

Liberating.com – Not sure how I’d use it, but single word .com’s will always fetch at least a few bucks in the aftermarket. BIN of $36k, which is wishful thinking.

Clix.com – Doesn’t pass the radio test, but bidders don’t care.

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