Flippa – A Look Forward: NetworkManager.com, Pam.com Hit Reserve. UBR.com, 6N Portfolio, More

Dec 14 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

NetworkManager.com – CPC of $9, and monthly searches of 8,000, per Estibot, means that there is some money in this domain.


777.io – These sell regardless of the extension; I previously accidentally owned 777.asia.


Teagan.com – A first name; over 1,000 people with this first name on LinkedIn.

Jennifer.net – Over a million people with this first name on LinkedIn. The .com is owned by Telepathy, so good luck prying it from their hands.

Pam.com – While we’re on the first names, there is alot of time left to go on this auction, but I’m excited to see how it shakes out, now that the reserve is met.

Suggestion.net – 50,000 searches per month, but a .net.

Scubas.com – I trust there are a few scuba businesses that use the plural in their name.

Some LLLL.com Domains, in my opinion of their order of value:

  1. LQCW.com
  2. IVLN.com
  3. PEYG.com
  4. LWJE.com
  5. LNGU.com
  6. AQCL.com
  7. QIWV.com
  8. XTUJ.com

Reserve Not Met

UBR.com – Valuable LLL.com even with the vowel; if you buy it, don’t park it and let taxi ads pop up…..UBER will come looking for the domain.

6N.com Portfolio of 24 Domains – If 6N’s are your thing. Examples include 810880.com and 700830.com.

Builds.com – It’s a little awkward with the S, but a nice name nonetheless.

4G.org – As a sign of the times, the value is likely in the short nature of the domain, vs the 4G cell technology.

Mitt.com – This name has been on the auction block a few times. A name or a baseball mitt.

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