Flippa – A Look Forward: Tablets.org, KSU.net Meet Reserve. Heated.com, Refinement.com, Procrastination.com, More

Feb 08 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sellhacker magazine

HackerMagazine.com – Following up on ITMagazine.com for $10,000 recently. This one sold previously for $6k, but the buyer flaked out.

Inventors.info – Lots of people looking for info on inventions…..some of that trickles over to searching for inventors.

KSU.net – Personally, I’ve lost track of what LLL.net’s are trading for, but this one seems below market at press time. Kansas/Kentucky State University?

CollegeFootballForum.com – A heck of a long domain….but there aren’t a ton to choose from this week that have already hit reserve.

Tablets.org – This one still has a week and a half to go, but nice to see it moving up in the 4-figures.

Reserve Not Met

Refinement.com – I like refined better, but that’s not the one that’s available. Nearly 5-figures.

Heated.com – 2k searches per month, at nearly $2 CPC, per Estibot.

iMall.com – This one has been up before and I still like it….even though I’m not a big “i” guy. Previously hit $8,900, and it’s over double that now.

Procrastination.com – I used to be REALLY good at this. Bidding at $4k.

NewYork.cab – Nearly 5 figures and hasn’t hit reserve.

.Directory portfolio – Including 18 states and 100 cities, including Manhattan.directory, Denver.directory and many more. A big portfolio dump before renewals come up in a month.

Toys.io – I can’t believe the impact Flippa has had on the .io aftermarket……I also can’t believe this hasn’t met reserve.

BabyBaby.com – Since you can’t buy just one baby (Baby.com) from Johnson & Johnson. It also was a popular song, but I have no idea who performed it.

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  1. Matthew

    Wow thanks for your blog! I was deciding on purchasing investors.info and refinement.com. A broker I used reached out for refined and refinement in the past, and it was super expensive. I really like refinement, it’s like making a statement. Refined is difficult for the “Radio Test”. They’re both great properties. I wonder how much refine.com or refining.com is worth then?!

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