Flippa – A Look Forward: VUM.com and MER.net Hit Reserve. XFU.com, Pedal.com, Packers.org

Mar 22 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

VUM.com – 18 days to go, but bidding already in the 5-figures, and it will move even higher.

vum50 Domain Portfolio – Including AcademicStudent.com, CoolArtist.com, CheapWool.com, Snowplow.info and UnlimitedReviews.org.

MER.net – There is room to move up in pricing for a CVC.net.

AnimeTalk.com – Higher pricing than I expected….anime isn’t my thing, but it is for plenty of others.

Reserve Not Met

XFU.com – In the mid 4-figures and it will move up.

Pedal.com – I liked it the first time around when it got up to $20k, and still like it now. I don’t know the reserve.

Weak.net – .net domains are struggling, but not as much as the current auction pricing shows.

RealBright.com – Upgrade domain for RealBright.com.hk, or RealBrightMedia.com.

Packers.org – For you Green Bay fans….I’m a Bears guy myself, but only after Cutler is gone.

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