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Friday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks 9/9

Headed off for a little race in Wisconsin that’s on Sunday.  Tucker and Chris are manning the ship for the weekend and God only knows what will show up on the site.  In the meantime I’ve left you a few domains to ponder today. 1995 Birthday.  How could it not be safe to send something through something with this name? The q doesn’t scare me.  The Q means quality to me. Some of you young bucks think this is Halo 1.  No.  We’re talking Crazy Climber, Galaga, and Track and Field. With all these texters and people not paying attention, if you’re smart you’ll drive a car Any real that goes under $750 is a bargain.  IMO of course but my opinion is heavily weighted on this site. Seems to be very popular acronym.  I’m thinking Sexy CEO but then again I’m a CEO I’d like to pay for this car with followers please. I love the name but may not take kindly to your purchase

Tucker’s Picks Can’t believe there are no bids on this.  Of course all the have to sell are left over screen doors for the submarines. Nice four letter dot com.  Very+Hard=Vard He would know

Chris’ Picks Good development project if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. Hard to beat, but still a good name for something like it Do-be-do-be-do, a classic

Domain Spotlight: