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Thursday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

You know the different between a great domain and a good domain.  Dot com and dot net.  Now onto the names My kind of 5 letter domain name.   I wouldn’t even tell you about it except it already has 57 bidders so it’s not really a secret. It’s at auction at Godaddy but I’m guessing the reserve is HUGE 3 letter dot coms don’t come across very often at NameJet but looks like someone is freeing up some cash. I have no problem with two girls kissing…..wait….never mind on this one Great bedding sales site. $11,000 valuate and a nice geo Another one that I’m not sure how I would monetize it but in reality I just need to have a buyer that thinks he can. I’m putting this up because I’m at this exact time watching a documentary on the girls that did plaster casting on rock and roll star’s dicks and then this domain came up. I figured it must be fate.  Not enough to buy but at least to mention 18,000 monthly visitors and a name that people will remember

Domain Spotlight:

2 Replies to “Thursday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions”

  1. was forwarded to another domain to get it’s alexa rank.
    Whenever you see a high number of google links vs yahoo, it means
    the domain was forwarded. Works the same for pagerank as well.
    For a normal domain google will always show less inbound links vs
    other search engines like yahoo and live.
    Still a nice domain, registered since 1999.

    Link popularity for
    Google Yahoo! AllTheWeb
    116 1 1

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