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Get 14.3% More value at registrars that don’t have an expired auction process.

I’ve had a good experience with Godaddy over the last several years. I sold my first domain on the premium listings platform.

I don’t want to keep beating on them, but they continue to move away from a domainer friendly registrar and more towards a supply clearing house for inventory that someone else has paid for.

Not to mention the average end user. There is no way in hell I’d keep a domain at Godaddy that I am using or intend to use for business. I would also discourage anybody I know from doing it especially the people that really no nothing about domains.

Look at the Porn extortion that we’ve talked about in the past, where domains with sites on them expire, are auctioned off and then held for ransom with Russian porn.   

Even though this is not the intended life cycle of a domain, and negates all the safety measures put in place by ICANN, they can do it. We agree to this when we pay for their service.

Lucky for us there’s numerous options. For example NameBright or Uniregistry, I have names at both. At these registrars we get a full 45 days of auto renew grace, and only 20 at Godaddy before the name can be auctioned.

If you have a large portfolio that is constantly in transition (buying and dropping everyday) these extra days add significant time for a potential sale. In fact last month I paid the redemption fee to renew a name that had sold for several thousand $. The name had been expired for over 2 months. 

In fact if my math is correct, you get 14.3% more value out of a domain at these other registrars.

Try and follow my math:  

Auto Renew Grace:

Up to 45 days


30 days

Godaddy 20 days after Expiration possible loss of domain by Auction bid.


25+30=55 More days of possible sale.

365+20=385 Godaddy Adjusted registration period


14.3% more value


The best solution for Godaddy and for us, is to allow us to auction names through their platform by letting them expire and go through the auction, but that’s another topic that I’ve written about before.

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Main List

The No Bid List  Old spelling for Ether  compare apartments all over the world, has reviews and suggestions  A name to help people that only go to the bar when they have time off. It’s a list of other things to do.  Sounds like a strain of MJ or an IPA Connects chains together  British for Specialty  A strong coin  Ways to simplify your life  Sounds like a hot sauce  Simple living, dirt, things of the earth  Buy and sell fondant tools. Start making funny cakes  Never have to go to work again because of this site  A money name  6 letters rhymes Choices anywhere in the world  Make sure something is healthy  Let’s you know when a house meeting your specs comes on the market  A vampire name  Crypto with a K, it’s German.  Come and see the Amish. Actually stay away, I don’t need the traffic head ache  Light emitting diode token. Brighten the blockchain  Spread your odor  Put checks and balances on your life. Basically a hit squad comes and stops you from doing things you shouldn’t do. You sign up before hand. Trying to quit smoking? Then use Regulate life. Our team of covert hitmen will attack you if you light up. Guaranteed results  The best cuts  Publicly call out shill bidders  Nothing fancy but it works  knowledge of the street  Old English meets the blockchain  Lot’s on ing but it doesn’t make sense without them. It’s a building you train in, police and fire dept’s use them. Train Build means something else. I imagine it cost’s a lot of money to build these things.  Some have fire simulators, so they have to be built to strict standards.  Coin for people on the go

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Domain Spotlight: