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The Weekend’s Hot Domain Drop and Auction Picks

I guess I asked for it.  My little bitching article the other day called “Don’t” drew a lot of attention and criticism. Criticism which I can take and actually enjoy.  While much of it comes from little men from behind a computer that would be all smiles and handshakes in person, but some of it is warranted and good for keeping grounded.  Enough ranting, now onto the names. It’s what we’re all looking for on a vacation.  You could also sell drugs through the site but I guess that’s still illegal. I still have some left.  My “Peeps” are so old I use them to file my dog’s nails down Everyone likes free and most people like movies so this should do well. Huge name.  It’s getting hard to tell who are the scientist now that they don’t need glasses. Just shows you how much more traditional Easter Candy is.  No bids on this one. Where do you think I found out that Ricky Steamboat was coming back with his partner, Jimmy “SuperFly” Snooka to try and retake the Belt? For $69 you get a 1999 domain and a great geo.  “The” works here Big fan, big fan.  Unless there are just pictures of beaches. Two hearts that beat as one. Can’t buy a tube name for $69 anymore but this one has no bidders so maybe you can.

4981.c0m You know how I like NNNN.coms.  So do a lot of others At the rate my hair is going away,my hairstyle is a hat.

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  1. Re: Don’t

    Great post, nothing wrong with a little ‘venom’ about things that aren’t the way they’re supposed to be. Daryl the Drunk Domainer would raise his beer bottle in agreement, unfortunately he’s dead 😀

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