Of All The Names Dropping On NameJet and GoDaddy These Are the Ones I Like

Mar 31 2010

I have purchased more domains than normal on drops but I have decided to give Epik a few domains to play with and see if I can make any money. I’m buying names based on whether or not it I can sell that product through an affiliate type site.  My first name RoboticPets dot com.  I hope to sell a lot of toys and have the site set up and running full steam by Christmas.  Now onto the names for today.

Airplay.com It’s already at $1000 so I’m not sure this one fits into a “value” play but a very nice name.  1100 uniques a month and a $5500 valuate.

TheThing.net 41,000 searches, most likely for the comic book character.  Not my type of name but for $10 not a bad buy.  Have to watch the trademark

iPodCharger.net Again trademark issue but this is a great affiliate type name

ChickenLollipops.com Want an idea nobody’s done? This is it.  You’re going to make a fortune selling these

Brandable.org Good place to sell your names that suck

Paralegalwork.net  12,000 searches and a $6.48 CPC.

TheEvilEye.com Again, not the strongest name in the catalog but certainly worth $15   You can give someone “The Evil Eye’

Need help finding more names? Try  DomainStryker.com

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  1. Bob

    “Brandable.org Good place to sell your names that suck”

    Not nearly as good as Weak.net — for names that suck, that domain is a killer…

  2. Tim

    “Brandable.org Good place to sell your names that suck”

    That might be the funniest thing I have ever read on a domain blog or forum…..LOL. 🙂

  3. John Humphrey

    You mention the trademark issues in iPodCharger.net but like it nevertheless. I wouldn’t have a problem with it either, but considering your first point in the Ricky Martin -10 Things post recently, it would be interesting to get your take, in detail, about where you draw the line and why. Perhaps it would inspire other domain bloggers to do the same- we might even come to consensus about what is ethical and what isn’t- a Domainifesto!

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