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Pretty Faces Sell But I Still Could Care Less About The Godaddy Girls

I am not going to lie.  I am a sucker for a pretty girl.  As a happily married man I often get caught “looking at the menu” too often.  The key is not to “order the food”.  One thing you won’t find me worrying about is who is a spokesperson for a company.  Especially a Godaddy girl.  I applaud Bob Parsons.  He and Chef Patrick have realized that their audience is a sucker for a pretty face (not putting Patrick’s face in that category) or at least a face that can become pretty with enough makeup.  The free publicity he gets from all the stupid articles (like this one) talking about “who is the new Godaddy girl?” and “why this person?” is a marketing team’s dream.

Pretty faces, boys and girls,  are used every day in business.  I use the same approach in my customer service and sales team.  If I were to say I don’t have a team built of a combination of pretty faces, great smiles, and good minds, I would be lying.  People buy more or come back  to a pretty face.  It’s a fact.  It’s a draw. Consumers may lie and say different,  but I have watched customers stand in a line that is twice as long as another to buy something from the attractive girl or guy at the register.  I had a blond hair, blue eyed, surfer looking guy on my tree planting crew and his repeat customers were 100% higher than other crews.  He also got more letters and thank yous than any previous employee.  And I promise you it wasn’t for his extraordinary planting abilities.

Here’s why I don’t care for the Godaddy Girls.  I don’t get to see them in person. They’re not real.  The giddy feeling I get is that eye to eye contact and verbal.  The fact that a beautiful girl actually paid attention to me.  A man of 40 such as myself generally doesn’t get to enjoy the conversation of a beautiful young lady.  It’s a pleasure.  But business is business.  When it comes to spending my money the looks are an add on.  I need great prices and services as the main part of what I am being offered.  Godaddy does that.  I truly enjoy their platform and customer service.  For one, I find none of the girls particularly attractive, two they are plastered on the front and get in my way visually.  And third, my wife is much hotter than all of them and I don’t have to pay $8.99 for my marriage renewal fee.

So I could care less if you know who the new dot co girl is.  I could care less who the latest godaddy girl is.  Just keep my cost down and service up and that’s all the pretty I need.

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15 Replies to “Pretty Faces Sell But I Still Could Care Less About The Godaddy Girls”

  1. Agreed. I can careless about what the company does as long as my freakin’ domains are resolving, secured, and I’m paying a reasonable price.

    Of course, this is why I am NOT with GoDaddy.

  2. Hello, DomainShane

    @David, I think you might like a video that broadcasts loud and Clear what most domainers Know our Industry is now experincing! It is a bit of a riddle, but here is a hint! Go-to BLOG.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  3. Steve Buscemi is god, especially in the Big Lebowski, Reservoir Dogs etc.

    Having said that, I agree that eye candy in every industry within the realm of the US is quite tame and definitely keeps married people (men) in control of their urges. But don’t venture off to Europe or you will be shell-shocked by the amount of profane nudity and provocative, open depiction of sex and sexual acts.

    GoDaddy’s “boob girls” are like Sports Illustrated to Euro campaigns that adhere to almost pornographic imagery when a female figure is required to spice things up.

    In other words, please don’t visit the Czech Republic if you want to remain a family man! Vegas cannot compete.

  4. So you are basically saying that you would sell the oranges but wouldn’t eat them yourself ie you would use a tactic but not buy into it yourself. Isn’t that kinda the definition of hypocrisy?

    1. @em
      Yes I am the definition. and yes I do like oranges. You also need to read. I say “in person” “face to face” are where beauty is important to me. So my oranges have to be local.

  5. Remember the way a person writes something is always open to interpretation. That’s why I needed clarification. I see your point with the “in person” preference. I prefer that as well.

  6. Your blonde/blue tree planter who got repeat business just doing an average job is the perfect analogy for why Bob uses these pretty people to push domains…

    Your guy probably did a decent enough job for a basic task – planting trees. Godaddy does a decent enough job with basic tasks for domaining… registering/renewing/hosting domains and they always seem to offer deals and discounts and decent service so everything else being equal I would remember their service more.

    Plus, for the vast majority of their profits they need Joe/Jane public to pay their basic rates and host one domain on one package those people will definitely remember a pretty face – look at the markets they pull from – racing, poker, acting, etc. Marketing 101 implemented rather well… plus I really like Poker…

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