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loose changeYou know how when you throw loose change into a jar over a couple months, the pennies and nickels ultimately add up to something meaningful….you take the jar to the bank and you walk away with $40 or $50 in bills.

That’s kind of like my domain sales in Q4; via NameJet, I sold a variety of short, liquid domains that had accumulated in my portfolio, and although the names individually weren’t highly valued, they added up to something worthwhile in the aggregate.

I generally believe these short domains will continue to rise in value, but frankly I have no idea if it will come to pass, and there is no shame in selling on the way up, if that’s what ends up happening. I hope values continue to go up, because I own alot more than I sold this quarter.

Below is a sample of my Q4 2015 domain sales (following up on last week’s discussion of Q4 acquisitions):

  • A few – Four in total, such as for $2,020 and for $2,010. I have three decent ones remaining which I’ll probably sell this year: 199, 299 and
  • Handful of non-CHIP – Ten in total, such as for $415 and for $300. I have a couple dozen non-CHIP left, most of which are developed in other extensions, and I expect they will be long term holds.
  • Couple dozen – Such as for $2,200 and for $1,400, both of which were picked up in the 3rd quarter. I also sold a bunch of my lower quality, such as for $688 and for $1,129. I believe these will continue to appreciate in value, but I still have around 50 remaining, and I don’t have a problem taking some profit off the table. The bulk of these domains were picked up 2-3 years ago at prices ranging from $200 – $250, and I’m playing with the house’s money for the rest of the domains in my portfolio.

All in all, it was a great quarter and year in domain sales (links to Q1, Q2 and Q3 sales), and I look forward to another profitable year in 2016.

You’re welcome to share any of your recent sales in the comments below.

Domain Spotlight:

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