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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 9th

If you don’t read Accidental Domainer you should. He has a weekly article that looks back at the top domain sales from a year ago and what they’ve been up to.  One of my favorite each week.  Here are today’s names  The only thing keeping it from $XX,XXX is the fact many people will confuse a zero and an “O”.  Still could hit $5K  17 year old  I for International  100 bidders on this one.  Ask Bill Kara if there are any money in online games  No bidders. You would think I would want this one but I have a method to my plant name madness and this just doesn’t fit in.  Still a nice name  Hugely popular Serbian name.  Actually it’s not that popular but it IS a  First thought was the English don’t use the term lender but Google says otherwise so with only one bidder this one has value IMO  5 years ago I had no idea this would have any personal connection.  If only it grew as well on my head as it does on my ass (too much information?) With the few bidders I thought for sure than commission was spelled wrong. But its not. Might as well add this one if you are going to get the other 10 years old and cheap. Great term for an online tool  $1500 3 years ago.  Now $500-600 IMO  My favorite of the entire group This will be another interesting dot cc auction because it’s such a strong keyword Three letter dot nets don’t come around very often. When they do they usually are in the $750 plus range I don’t like it because of the confusing zero, O thing as discussed above. Others will disagree

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