SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 10th

Nov 10 2012

Short list today.  Not because I don’t have time but because I don’t see much to put your money into.  On a more positive note I had a pretty good breakfast this morning.  Bacon, egg, and cheddar on an everything bagel.  Now here are the names. I knew people will eat this up. Probably lots of traffic for people looking for sensible shoes 1 bidder. You southerners have no idea why so many people buy these but the birds are glad they do. It’s what you used to say aloud before you said “Fuck!”  I don’t know what you’re building but this is going to make it easier I just know it  15 year old  No bids.  I would think a local business could put this to work  The Chinese don’t really like dot net but this one is very easy to remember and I think I’ll take it if nobody else does  No bidders.  One of those 5L.coms that is worth it if you get the first bid in.  Can sell at $500 plus down the road and pay for 9 others or more

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