My Top 25 Posts From The Past Three Years

Nov 10 2012

Over the last three years I’ve written a lot.  I look back at my work and some turned out to be great work, some good, the rest OK to bad.  I thought I would put together a list of some of my better stuff for those that are newer to my site.  Here are my favorites in no particular order

Who the Hell Am I and Why Should You Read (keep in mind written in 2010)

A Domain Translation Guide for Newbies

Some of the Best Domain Investing Quotes of All Time

The UnMotivated Seller:  10 Keys to Getting the Best Price for Your Domain

Adopt the Pace of Nature: The Secret is Her Patience

My First Free E-Book of 60 Domaining Tips:  All for the Low Low Price of Free

99 Tips For Successful Domaining

10 Tips to Making Money With 5 Letter Dot Coms

Here’s How I Make Money in Domain Investing Part 1

Here’s How I Make Money in Domain Investing Part 2

Everybody Wants but Few Are Willing to Do the Work or Take the Risks

 10 Things That Will Make You More Money in Domaining

There Are a Few Common Denominators Among Successful Domain Investors

Why Girls Are Like Domain Names

 There Is Always Somebody Better Than You and That’s OK

Why I’m Glad I’m Not a Full Time Investor

10 Reasons Why There Are Still Millions to Be Made in Domain Investing

 Domain Investing Is More Than Names, It’s Who You Know

If Your Buyers are Going to Lie You Might As Lie Right Back

 Initial Results From My $10,000 Experiment

The Terrible Business Model of Most Domain Investors: The Hope and Pray Interview

10 Thoughts of a Middle Aged Man

10 MORE Thoughts of a Middle Aged Man

 10 Questions Domainers Need to Ask Themselves

Passing The Marshmallow Test Will Lead to Greater Profits in Your Domain Investing

How Do I Value a Domain?  Here’s My Method

10 Things a 30 Minute Talk With an 81 Year Old Woman Taught Me About Business

10 Signs You May Have Made It in Domain Investing


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