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Thursday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

I could be a little crazy.  I decided yesterday to run a marathon this Saturday because I wasn’t real happy with my Chicago marathon four weeks ago.  I figure I’m in shape and I needed a day off work so what better way to relax and see Indianapolis that to run it.  It’ll be a perfect 38 degrees so I’ll have no excuses.  Enough about me,  onto the names Not a real valuable name but a nice educational sales name. 1997 domain Always wanted a good domain for that WTF? website?  Here you are Great cartoon site name Not sure how to monetize a site about the river but it won’t be that expensive so give it a try It’s one of those names that people will remember and actually know how to spell Lots of attention on this one.  I think because of its backup sounding name At $0 and a $3600 estibot?  Probably worth somewhere in between these values

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  1. Good luck at the marathon ,we have cross ountry districts todat but we only do 3.1 miles and it will be 80 in South Florida. The most I have ever done is a half and loved it.

  2. Barf…..bacon cheeseburger.

    Try eating two of those before your marathon and you might just die from the lard sludge in your arteries. 🙂

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