The Good News:  I made this list before going out to party tonight.
The Bad News:  I thought I could write something clever after going out and partying tonight.  I can’t.

Lots of good names below…

Here are today’s names. Click through to see the current price

Other Names at Auction  43 bidders on this 2003 name  I don’t understand the $7.34 CPC on this one – what term is being bough here?  huge term in the .net with a huge reserve to go along with it.  Looks like this one is going to close a couple of hours before this posts, but I’ll leave it here anyway  this is a nice techie sounding name  interesting brandable type name

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids  Six names I think this is my favorite in the list comedy club ecommerce product aggregation sounds like an app with daily contests location is broad enough to be anywhere or everywhere obligatory blockchain name important topic – I think Shane has or something similar lots of references to this one weed in British Columbia awesome bar name and there are already several who knows what token the future may bring woman basically implies grown, but it is still a common phrase a yearly conference where blockchain geeks get together and do stuff how about a brewing company seems like a slam dunk to put on a brandable marketplace

Godaddy Domains With No Bids saw it and had to search images. I’m glad I did. great name for an Indian prepared food brand. I’m seeing more and more of them lately. these aren’t easy to come by. every other single letter after pizza is taken. basketball video game you perverts this is the type of name that probably had a lot more value a decade or two ago Orthopedics center nice brand for clothing, furniture, cooking sounds like some disgusting log of meat with plenty of nitrates pumped into it – perfect for the American consumer CannaBC has bids above – no love for the vape yet nice ring to it for a financial planning business are people still doing magazine names? the answer according to Namebio is definitely this works for all sorts of lawn products body spray brand fresh bakery people want things easy and fast even if it is mispelled fantasy sports site a perfect English tea brand – brilliant! blog or brand for the raw veggie movement going to need to be a brick company in New York, but I’m sure there are several how many staffing agencies are there on a Main St somewhere? Lots… clever name for a place to sell area rugs this is the kind of name I would want on a billboard if I was a bail bondsman in California crypto currency mutual fund of sorts sounds like an affiliate network – probably was one travel niche design firm start a movement something loaded with caffeine


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