Tuesday’s A Few Nice Domains Dropping and Some Links

May 18 2010

Thanks to a tip from a reader ( a very kind reader) I was able to pick up PlantsForSale.net at NameJet.  A perfect name for me.  I may try and pick up the dot com but not a very motivated buyer.  I can do what I need to do with the dot net.  Now on to today’s names.

IgotLaid.com Not really sure what someone would do with this name but I do think it’s memorable.

Finality.com 1998 domain with a nice CPC of $3.47

ScubaDivingShop.com Certainly would be a good site to sell diving gear

ArtificialPlants.net I don’t do artificial so here you go

PartX.com Want to sell parts?  Here you go

FreeKittens.org Everyone seems to have free kittens.  Organize it

If you missed Morgan’s show you really need to check it out  [morganlinton.tv]

Peaches.com headed to auction [domainnamewire]

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  1. Lior

    How far do you believe Finality.com will go and how much do you think it is actually worth?

    1. Post author

      I think it hits $3K and worth about that. It’s not a name I would buy only because I am not good at monetizing these legalize type names

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