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The Thursday Morning 7 Links

Nov 12 2009
I would like to thank everyone who have stopped by.  I hit 2000 uniques so far this week which is already a new high.  Not quite the 100K a week of my old but just getting the feel of everything.  ...
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The Tuesday Daily 7 Links

Nov 10 2009
If you say the word “Beer Can” in an English accent, it sounds like your saying “Bacon” in a Jamaican accent ( worthless info but you’ll be saying it all day) Now on to the ...
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The Morning 7: Laugh and Learn

Nov 09 2009
Every morning from this point on I will start the day with 7 links to things I think are either really funny or interesting.  Some may have something to do with domaining and some may not.  I’ll ...
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The Top 10 Things Wrong With ICANN

Nov 02 2009
ICANN has many problems and I could go on all day with the problems but I thought this group CADNA, the Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse, did a great job of compiling a list of their top ten lists of ...
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